The children in your neighborhood deserve a happy and fulfilled childhood beyond their wildest imagination. Yet happiness is out of reach for hundreds of children around us. It’s impossible to dream of a bright future when your family struggles with complex issues such as housing insecurity, mental health, unemployment, addiction, domestic violence and more. A child’s fullest potential is launched from an upbringing based in safety, security & belonging. You can help guide children & families beyond the theatre of living room wars into unknown possibilities of peace. Your donation brings hope to the homes and hearts of children right here.

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Joy of Giving

Carol’s inspiration for joyful giving sparked when she was a young girl. She grew up in a family that was always giving and doing for others.

As a young parent and teacher, Carol wanted her children to grow up with these same values. She and her husband tithed at church. She also helped meet needs of children in her classroom. However, she found herself frustrated with parents who seemed to have the wrong priorities. She never understood why a mom would buy her child the latest portable video player but not lunch money and warm clothing. She saw that happiness was out of reach for many children.

“I was very judgmental and hard hearted toward people in need. Truthfully, I was uneducated about poverty.” Carol lamented over a cup of hot coffee.

Over time, Carol learned that people who spend money impulsively desire to be like everyone else and have things others have too. She has also learned that people in need are lonely. They don’t have relationships with people who can make them better.

Now that she is retired, Carol invests financially and relationally with a young mother she met through Compass. She has seen that loneliness influences this mother’s decision-making skills. Carol has also noticed times the system sets people up to fail.

Carol believes it is important to give locally to organizations that she can trust like Compass because she sees the impact made on people’s lives. But she also sees the impact that living generously and sacrificially has made on her life.

Carol has become more compassionate and less judgmental. “She’s changed my life more than I have changed hers” Carol says about the mother she mentors. Seeing growth in the people she invests in makes her happy. Being sacrificially generous makes her feel good about herself, too.

Carol’s spark for unimaginable joy comes from giving.

Spark your own unimaginable joy!

Will you make a donation today to bring happiness within reach of Nebraska children during the most hope-filled season of the year?

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