Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Lexie Arrants


About Me:

Lexie’s best childhood memories revolve around baking chocolate chip cookies with her grandma and sneaking as much of the cookie dough as possible … even when it gave her a stomach ache! 

Her passion for foster care and family services comes from her volunteer experience with Royal Family Kids Camp. Lexie’s own life experiences gave her a deep sense of compassion and empathy for the incredibly difficult circumstances that many children face. Her desire is to help children believe that they matter, that they are loved and that they have a voice. 

Lexie attended Northeast Community College where she received her Associate’s in Early Childhood Development. From there, she went on to pursue her Bachelors of Arts in Early Childhood Inclusive from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Her studies there included a special emphasis on special education and brain development in ages 0-5 years and general education for grades K-3.

Lexie enjoys traveling with her husband, reading and baking. They spend a lot of time together chasing their toddler and playing with their dog.