Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

María Ramírez

Family Specialist

About Me:

When Maria was a kid, she enjoyed spending summers with her family at the lake from sunrise to sunset. Her cousins would come to their house and they would have week-long sleepovers. Her favorite memory as a kid was taking a surprise trip the the Dells. As an adult, she enjoys going on hikes, crafting and going on motorcycle rides. She also just started gardening and is really enjoying learning how to do something new! Maria loves spending time with her family – which includes her parents, brother, and her husband.

Maria originally went to school to become an ultrasound tech. During that time, she began working at a childcare center. As she was finishing her degree, she discovered that she was passionate about working with kids. She went back to school to obtain her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked with children for eight years before moving to Nebraska recently – and she loved every minute of it!

She joined the Family Services team as she wants to help families. Maria wants to impact people’s lives and help the community.