Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Pam Wiggins


About Me:

Fun fact about Pam: when she was a little girl, she loved watching James Bond movies! 

Pam’s family includes her husband, Dave, three children, six grandchildren and even one great granddaughter! But her dog Olive holds a special place in her heart! Pam’s hobbies include making gorgeous wreaths and reading. 

Pam joined Compass because she is passionate about seeing that the children and families we work with know how much Christ loves them and that they understand they are precious children of God. She first experienced foster care when she worked in a local school district and encountered children who were in foster care. She saw the struggles many of the families encountered and her heart went out to the children. Pam also serves as a CarePortal point person for her church. However, when Pam started at Compass she had no idea everything that goes on at the office!

Pam has worked primarily as an administrative assistant in various fields. She earned her certifications as a paralegal and a spiritual director. She currently serves Compass as the administrative assistant sitting at the front desk.