Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Rachel Lyons

Foster Care Specialist

About Me:

When Rachel was a kid, she considered herself to be very artsy. She loved painting, drawing and coloring. She also enjoyed reading and playing with her barbies! Her hobbies now include reading and writing – as she dabbles in poetry. She enjoys crafting and claims to be really good with a glue gun! She also likes to sew and complete woodworking projects. Rachel is quite the cook, too! Especially authentic food and homemade dishes.

Rachel’s family includes her four children, son-in-law and foster daughters. She has a best friend that she considers a sister. Rachel is the oldest of two brothers and a sister. She also has plenty of nieces and nephews.

Coming from a “dysfunctional home,” Rachel had been placed in a kinship home, faced childhood trauma and other challenges as a child. This has guided her to the foster care field and has fueled her passion to serve families and children who have endured trauma. Her daughter is now a foster parent, as well!

Rachel’s education and experience consists of several years as a Family Advocate as well as previous work with intellectually and physically disabled individuals, as well as seniors with Alzheimer’s.