Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Tila Kucera


About Me:

Tila began school in a one room schoolhouse until 3rd grade when her family “moved to town.” She claims that she walked to school three miles each way every day and never got kidnapped. Field trips looked like riding in the back of their teacher’s pickup to go to the “bluffs.” During the winter when it snowed, they saved up all of their recesses during the week to take Friday afternoon off to go sledding. 

Tila and her husband have been married since 1994. They have two daughters, Sydney and Madison and one son, Kai. After spending 15 years traveling to ball games and track meets year round for Sydney and Madison, she is taking a break from that hobby until Kai is older! Recently, she has enjoyed having time to do home projects and working in her flower garden. Tila is passionate about God, children and love. But it might (or might not) surprise you that Tila is also passionate about crime stories! In fact she and her sister are in a murder of the month club!

Despite not being raised as a Christian, she always felt God pulling her toward the church. She went to Bible school at a rural church with the neighbors down the road. After moving to town, she would sneak out of the house on Sunday mornings to attend Sunday school and worship at the local church. As an adult, God was also leading her. Now He was leading her to serve families. While working with the County Attorney’s office, the Youth and Diversion Coordinator position came open three times in six months before she finally listened and applied for it. This began her career with youth and families. 

Tila studied to become a paralegal at Central Community College and then Behavior Science at Bellevue University. Prior to coming to Compass in 2011, she worked with Boys and Girls Home and Cedars Richardson House. Tila’s current role at Compass is training foster families. Her experience as a foster parent and in the field gives her great insight into preparing families for caring for children.