Who Are We?

Our Mission

There are kids all around us who see the world a lot differently than we do. They feel isolated and confused as the world moves on without them. Compass provides support, training, and financial assistance to help foster families make a difference in the lives of these kids. We give families the skills, tools and financial resources that are needed to bring the mission field into their homes.

Foster families provide love, guidance and hope to kids in need. Compass is committed to finding foster families who are able to provide a stable home environment with supervision, structure and support to ensure youth have every opportunity for success.

“There is no way to impact the life of a person in need from a distance."

Wondering how to help?

In A Child.
A Future.

It is often said that children are our future. If tomorrow is up to them, then today is up to us. We need to invest in our children. The greatest use of life is to live it for something that will outlast it. We believe this is our calling as Christians. Making an impact in the life of a hurting child or struggling family will influence not only their lives, but it will also impact our future.
Ryan Stanton and Bill Williams
Compass Co-Founders

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