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Family Services

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BEYOND the need for services for families

Families are the launching pad for children to reach their full potential. Out of families future presidents, business owners, teachers, doctors, social workers, soldiers, mothers and fathers are born. Before children are taught by teachers, they are nurtured by mothers. Before children play with their friends, they find security with their fathers. The relationships that exist within the family home are the most important ones children need for propelling into their futures.

How It Works

Some Nebraska families have difficult struggles which have put happiness out of reach for their children. When parents face issues of signifcant mental illness, poverty, homlessness, addiction or other factors leading to the neglect or abuse of their children, they need support to move forward.

Compass is here to help

We have provided vital support to Nebraska families since 2010.

Our goal is always to ensure safety while helping parents and children navigate family life. If a family is working toward reunification, we desire to help make that happen. Every family that reunifies while working with Compass’ Family Services is given a Celebration Basket to help commemorate their success.

By 2030, Compass’ goal is to be able to say yes to 100% of the appropriate referrals for services we receive in our area.

Supervised Parenting Time

Family Specialists provide the time and support non-custodial parents need to maintain and strengthen the bond they have with their children in a safe environment. 

Family Support

Family Specialists provide struggling families with tools, resources and training to strengthen and equip them to care for their children. Specialists review the goals determined by the referring agency and help identify opportunities families have to succeed.

Intensive Family Preservation

Compass’ IFP teams consist of therapists and family skill builders who work with families in their home to help prevent a child’s removal from the home into foster care. Each case is six weeks of intensive family therapy and support. Therapists are available to assist the family 24 hours a day with crisis situations, but also help to relieve conflicts so the family can remain in-tact. Compass’ IFP team is very successful with more than 85% of families remaining together post services. This service is only available through a referral by the Department of Health and Human Services.

We will go beyond the need for services to families.


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Compass’ team of Family Specialists are passionately compassionate toward families from all backgrounds and walks of life. We strive to provide the best services in our area. We commit to accurate and prompt communication and consistency of specialists and schedules for families. Our desire is that all of the people involved have a confident understanding of the children and family’s schedule(s), expectations and needs. We regularly monitor and discuss the family’s goals and achievements. Compass is always seeking ways to benefit the families we collectively serve so that our communities can thrive, from now into the future.

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All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.
2 Corinthians 5:18