Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

We’re Here to Help Your Family Navigate Life

Who We Are

Compass is rooted in faith, built on strong relationships and striving for BEYOND.

As you work alongside Compass, you will find a team who passionately lives out a calling to serve others with compassion, excellence and humility. Compass values communication that is empathetic, honest, respectful and assertive. We are committed to the hard work of helping lives change. We permeate the darkness of trauma and difficult things with a culture that is filled with joy and having fun.

Our Mission

Everyone wants to wake up each morning believing the future will be great. Nebraska children have this same hopeful awakening. They deserve a happy and fulfilled childhood beyond their wildest dreams.

Yet happiness is out of reach for hundreds of local children. It’s impossible to imagine a bright future when your family struggles with complex issues such as housing insecurity, mental health struggles, unemployment, addiction, domestic violence and more.

Compass is determined to guide children and families beyond the theatre of living room wars into the possibilities of supernatural peace based in safety, security and belonging. We build launch pads for Nebraskan children by investing in the lives of foster parents and families in crisis. We restore the relationships of parents with their children and families in crisis with their community, including the local church.

Compass: Guiding, building and restoring children and families.

Our History

Since 2007 Compass has been committed to challenging the community to invest in the lives of children. At its inception, Compass invited churches and families to host youth aging out of foster care in the Kearney area. However the need for foster homes for children of all ages quickly arose, expanding Compass’ service array.

In 2010, Compass began providing services to families in crisis. Today Compass’ 35+ member team connects the communities in central and southwestern Nebraska with foster care, parenting supervision and training, intensive family preservation, counseling services and CarePortal to the community.

Meet Our Family

“All grown-ups were once children, but only a few remember it.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery



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