Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Kelsey Gydesen

Foster Care Specialist

About Me:

When Kelsey was a child, she was passionate about volleyball and spent as much time as she could outside or playing sports. Kelsey shares “I was lucky to grow up with two older siblings and enjoyed tons of family time. My parents made a point to raise us knowing that family comes first.”

In her free-time, she can be found reading, baking sourdough, crafting, or being with her friends and family. Her family includes her husband, Austin, and their two children, Samuel and Emma.

Kelsey joined our team as foster care has been a cause near and dear to her heart for many years. Her dad inspired her through his work to take the leap to enter foster care work. “Being able to work for a Christ-centered organization while also serving those in foster care is a dream,” Kelsey shared. She is also passionate about supporting the youth in her community. Kelsey believes that children are our future, and will one day be our leaders. Therefore, Kelsey feels that helping support our youth on their journey to leadership is truly an honor.

Kelsey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and have graduate work in counseling. She worked in education for seven years before stepping away and entering the world of foster care.