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Compass Brings CarePortal to Nebraska

Compass has partnered with the Global Orphan Project to bring an innovative approach to empowering churches and individuals to engage in the child welfare system in Nebraska. This life-changing project brings the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention.

Child Welfare workers uncover and share needs through CarePortal. CarePortal technology makes local Churches aware, giving a real-time opportunity to respond.

If you would like to help others or get your church involved, enroll your church below or contact us. We’d love to tell you about how you can be part of this transformative project. Contact Kristin Rancourt at [email protected].

How CarePortal Works

Church Member

State Case Manager

Brandon Built combines their passions of building furniture with building up people. Through their sponsorship of CarePortal for 2020, they are building up people by facilitating generosity within the community, creating more opportunities to have a greater impact for vulnerable children. Thank you Brandon Built for your generosity!