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People just like you are passionate about helping children and families in their community, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how. CarePortal is an innovative tool to help connect you with people who need it. Child welfare workers and other disaster relief organizations are uniquely poised in the community to uncover the most hidden and desperate needs of children and families. During these difficult times, families are finding themselves buried underneath the burdens of poverty, unemployment and mental illness. You can make a real difference in their life just by receiving an email. When you sign up to receive an email, you will get direct notifications about ways you can help a family in your neighborhood or community. You can respond by meeting a need, following how the need is met, or by praying for the family.

CarePortal is operational in Buffalo, Adams and Lincoln counties and will be launched in Hall and Dawson counties in the fall of 2020.

If you would like to get your church involved, you can enroll your church below. We’d love to tell you about how you can be part of this transformative project. Contact Lauren Geiger for more information at [email protected].

Helping families is as easy as being willing to receive an email! Sign up to get notifications about vetted requests for assistance right in your community!

The Church has always been known for its response to helping vulnerable children and families. CarePortal simplifies and streamlines the process using modern technology, making benevolence easier than ever before. The platform is driven by volunteers, launching church members into service and generosity.

How CarePortal Works

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Brandon Built combines their passions of building furniture with building up people. Through their sponsorship of CarePortal for 2020, they are building up people by facilitating generosity within the community, creating more opportunities to have a greater impact for vulnerable children. Thank you Brandon Built for your generosity!