Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Elizabeth Conrad

Intensive Family Specialist

About Me:

Elizabeth spent her childhood running around outdoors with her two younger siblings. Like many kids, she begged for a puppy. It took a long time, but when she was in college, her Dad finally caved and got her a dog. Persistence pays off! 

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology and chose a career in family services motivated by her concern for children who have had traumatic and challenging life experiences. She has also served as a volunteer at Royal Family Kids Camp, which deepened her commitment to advocating for children and families in need. 

Today, Elizabeth lives near her grandparents in Kearney and stays in close contact with her parents and siblings in Omaha. She is passionate about her faith in Christ, international ministry and Lord of the Rings. Her hobbies include hiking, musical performance, baking, listening to podcasts and watching BBC shows.