Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Leah Peterson

Family Specialist

About Me:

When Leah was a kid, she spent a lot of time with her family. They would go camping and kayaking often during the warmer seasons.

“I’m blessed to have a close family that spent a lot of time together. Family get togethers were large and occurred often.”

Her family includes her mother and father, sister, her grandparents, and a “wonderful support system of close friends.” As an adult, Leah enjoys baking, refurbishing furniture with her grandfather, volunteering at the shelter in York, volunteering at children’s ministry, and going to traveling Broadway musicals.

Leah attended York University for two years for Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry. Although Leah was unable to complete her time at York University, she plans to re-enroll in the future and focus her studies on social work or early childhood development. She has volunteered at a Christ-based homeless shelter in York for four years and continues to visit and help whenever possible. Leah has also worked as a Youth Case Manager at Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership.

Leah joined our Family Services team as she has had aspirations to work with people who have experienced poverty and/or homelessness. As she began working with young adults (18-24 years of age) that were facing homelessness, she realized the importance of a family unit and the impact that home-life has on children as they transition to adulthood.

“I had a desire to work more with families and children. I wanted to help and support vulnerable families.”

Her passions lie within the families she serves that are facing poverty, homelessness, and those that are working towards improving their family units. Leah is also passionate about her relationships with her friends and family, her faith – and relationship with Christ and sharing His love and how He has changed her life with others.