Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Shelisa Brooks

Intensive Family Specialist

About Me:

When Shelisa was a kid, she liked to go swimming with her friends, roller blade around her community, and spend time with her family. She has many family and friends that she believes she’s been blessed with. As an adult, Shelisa’s hobbies include hiking when the opportunity presents itself, and loves to golf whenever she possibly can.

Shelisa joined our team as she wants to be able to help children and families create a better life for themselves. She is passionate about anything that can bring herself, or her loved ones, peace and happiness.

She graduated from The University of Nebraska – Kearney with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Social Work. She is currently attending UNK as she works towards her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has experience working with family services for nearly five years.