Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt entered foster care when he was very young, having endured very hard things in the first year and a half of his life. Even still, Wyatt was a very happy and fun child who brought joy and smiles to everyone around him. He was placed into the home of Compass foster parents Kathy and Kyle Smidt and their daughter, Ashlyn, of Kearney.

After being in foster care for 3 years, Wyatt was finally adopted on January 5, 2018!

Unfortunately, shortly after his adoption, Wyatt was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Throughout his battle with cancer, Wyatt and his family, friends and nurses adopted the superhero theme to help him fight his battle. 

And Wyatt Was a Superhero! 

He endured endless treatments, pokes and testing like a champ, but more impressively, Wyatt’s joy, smiles, happiness, and cheer continued. He held fast in spreading a positive spirit to the nurses, his family, and his fellow pediatric cancer patients. 

Wyatt Beat Cancer!

After a little over a year of treatment, Wyatt’s doctors declared him having no evidence of the disease! A few weeks before his 5th birthday, he celebrated by going to Disney World with his family, a trip they received from Make-a-Wish Foundation. If anyone deserved to go to the Happiest Place on Earth, it was Wyatt and his family! Then Wyatt started school at Zion Lutheran. Life was beginning to feel normal for the family. 

Sick Again

As school started, Wyatt began to feel sick. Shortly after, his doctors discovered that the cancer had returned, stronger than ever. This time, he needed to go to New York for treatment. After several weeks, the cancer was taking over his body. There was nothing that they could do but attempt to make Wyatt comfortable. Wyatt returned to Nebraska on hospice. 

Always Full of Love and Joy!

Despite all of these challenges, Wyatt was always full of love and joy. He loved seeing friends, and he was inviting to everyone who came to see him. Wyatt’s favorite things were bubbles, Paw Patrol and superheroes! 

After two years of battling cancer, Wyatt passed away on March 23, 2020, surrounded by his family at home. 

Help Spread Wyatt’s Joy!

In honor of Wyatt, will you help spread the joy that he freely gave while he was alive?

Super Wyatt Packs are backpacks filled with age appropriate essentials for children when they enter foster care. These items include blankets, toys, hygiene products, snacks and books.

These are so fantastic for the kiddos as they move into a new home! 

– Angela Hewitt, Compass Foster Parent

The value of each Super Wyatt Pack is $50. When you donate, you are ensuring that one of the 100+ children placed with Compass each year will receive one of these Packs and the gift of joy and cheer that Wyatt brought with him through all of his trials. 

In the past we have accepted donations of items, however we are no longer able to accommodate most large quantity donations due to a lack of storage. Your donation allows for purchases of necessary items on demand. Thank you for understanding!

Every $50= 1 Super Wyatt Pack!