Compass+ is an exclusive monthly membership program for the most loyal and dedicated supporters of children in foster care in Nebraska. By signing up to be a monthly giver, this is what you are doing:

+ Boosting support for foster families.
+ Facilitating peace and rest for weary parents.
+ Equipping families to provide a healing environment for children with adverse experiences.
+ And so much more!

As an exclusive partner with us, we commit to providing you with the following benefits:
+ Annual luncheon with Ryan, our CEO.
+ Updates from foster families and staff working directly with children.
+ Membership in an online community of other supporters.
+ Opportunities to be involved, grow in your understanding of foster care, and be a champion for children.

We are better with you. Thank you for adding your love + care for children from hard places and the families that care for them.

Become a Compass+ member today!