Helping Children and Families Navigate Life

Bethany Lyons

Family Specialist

About Me:

When Bethany was a kid, she loved playing outside and collecting every rock she found! Being raised in the country grew her love of fishing and hunting with her dad. She and her family enjoyed church every Sunday and remembers her faith being a vital part of her childhood. As an adult, Bethany enjoys painting, reading, crocheting – any project that requires her to build and be creative!

Bethany’s family includes her parents, her Nana, two sisters, one brother, and many aunts and uncles. Bethany considers her family to be large, as they feel family isn’t just blood relation.

“Our family accepts everyone. Therefore our family has grown larger than anyone could have guessed.”

Bethany is passionate about advocating for people who cannot speak for themselves, and treating others with kindness. She has worked in care and health for many years.