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Ruth Jones


About Me:

Ruth grew up in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. She was adopted as an infant, which partially pushed her towards her interest in helping others. Ruth has always loved working with people. She loves helping others see their strengths and abilities, while also being a part of someone achieving their goals.

Ruth’s family includes her husband, Matt, and their biological and adopted children. The two parent five children, ages four to seventeen. They also have two dogs, Brody and Carol, and their cat, Odin!

In 2010, Ruth earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Which then was followed by a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work in 2015. Ruth has experience working in several different settings while serving several different populations. As her career has progressed, she has most enjoyed working with victims of acute and chronic trauma. She has completed additional training around developmental/complex trauma, and has a specific interest in religious trauma.

She most frequently utilizes DBT, narrative therapy, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and EDMR in her practice. Because of her love of the outdoors and interest in finding effective grounding/regulation tools for her clients, she is currently working towards developing nature-based interventions for children and adults. She is an EMDR trained clinician and am working towards full EMDR certification. She has completed level 1 AEDP training, and will continue level 2 AEDP training this year.

You can read more about these modalities below: 

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In her spare time, you can find Ruth reading… or talking about reading! Ruth also enjoys baking and spending time outside. Ruth and her family love to travel and are trying to make it to as many National Parks as they can!