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Some GLOWING updates

I really wanted to get this post out a few weeks ago, but you know… we were kind of busy getting ready for the Glow in the Dark Race. P.S. You can see more pictures from the Glow in the Dark Race on our facebook page at that hyperlink!

This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Glow in the Dark Race. Over five years, we have supported seven families and seen four children be adopted. Here are updates from some of those families:

2012- Tracy & Joe Krepel with Petra


Petra is now in 2nd grade and is a social bug.  She loves being with her friends.  She just turned 8 years old and her 3rd Gotcha Day was earlier this month.  Her brothers are Jayven- 9th grade, Kyson- 7th grade and Keedyn- 3rd grade. 

2014- Rachel and Josh Weinberg


We are so grateful for getting the opportunity to be a glow run family for the 2014 run! At the time we were in process to adopt from Ethiopia. Some big government changes happened while we were in process and the country essentially shut their doors to international adoption. We were pretty heartbroken over this, but have never regretted pursuing that adoption. Part of the reality of adoption is that it is a risk, but a risk we felt was well worth it to attempt to provide a forever home for a child in need. After this news, we decided to change over our paperwork to instead pursue a domestic adoption. After almost a year of waiting in the domestic adoption process we discovered that we were expecting! Little Harper is now six months old and we feel so incredibly blessed! We originally began the pursuit of adoption as a way to grow our family after dealing with infertility issues. Through the years, God has changed our hearts and given us a deep burden for children in need of loving homes. While we are not quite sure what that looks like for our family yet, we know that He has a plan for us and gives good gifts to his children. Our sweet daughter is a wonderful example of that. A huge thank you to the Glow Run and all the participants for supporting families in their pursuit of adoption!
Josh, Rachel, Adriana, and Harper
2015- Paul and Michelle Mosley with Lucy Wu
The Mosley Family adopted Lucy in December 2015 from China. She is an amazing little girl with the sassiness and spunk you would expect from any Mosley.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the race over the past five years, and welcome to the Glow family
Travis and Angela, Seth, Karah and Sadie!glow-run-2016_torres-photos_110